This is me

My parents immigrated to America not only to improve their lives but to make sure their children had the opportunity to succeed and become the mighty best. When we think about America, we think about equality and freedom. For as long as I could remember, hard work and education have been the core of my life. While there have always been stereotypes and stigma against communities and families like mine, I knew the best thing I could do was to contradict them. However, with the increase of hatred and xenophobia in America, there is no way I could possibly stay quiet. America was built on the genocide of one race and the enslavement of another, which is why I do not tolerate any anti immigration or anti refugee rhetoric. America is nothing without immigrants, undocumented or not. Refugees are not choosing to leave their homes, they are being forced to flee. Accepting refugees should not be a bipartisan issue, it is a humanitarian act. After the holocaust, the world promised to never let anything like it happen again. Yet, the world has proved to watch and do absolutely nothing. As tiring as it can get, I will not be a bystander or ignore what I find graphic. I’m very thankful to have grown up in a city where my background and ethnicity was loved and appreciated. I have become comfortable with my identity and place in society. Before I affiliate myself with any political party, I am a human first. I will forever fight for the rights of those who have been restricted of theirs. No language or cultural barrier will prevent me from caring. #RefugeesAreWelcome 

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