Stop the “latino vote” 2k17

During the presidential election, various presidential candidates were aiming to gain the infamous “Latino vote.” They were desperate to relate to Hispanics and Latinx voters, as if we are all the same. They would do the absolute most to make us feel welcome in America. However, it is obvious that the “Latino vote” was not enough to prevent a republican from being president. There is this stereotype that all Latinxs are racially and socioeconomically the same. Many people believe that we are all brown skinned, immigrants, and relatively lower class. Shockingly, Latinxs are a diverse group of people. While most of us decide to vote democratic, many are more conservative. We don’t face the same type of oppression either, even though we are all marginalized as a whole in some point. There are some of us who have the privilege to be citizens of the United States and not have to worry about family members being deported at any moment. There are those who live in a higher class and can afford private medicine and education. While not common, there are Latinxs who are single issue voters and vote immediately for the republican party because of their stand on abortion. While most Latinxs, specifically older generations are socially conservative, they vote blue because of the xenophobia from the republican party and their dependance on immigration reform. It is time that we stop grouping Latinx as one harmonious race. 

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