Transitioning into college from high school has been a greater change than I expected it to be. Not only did I learn to appreciate my family and loved ones more, I was hit in the face with a massive culture shock. Coming from Miami, I was surrounded with a diverse group of people at all times. While most of my peers were Hispanic like me, we still came from different socio-economic statuses and racial backgrounds. It was easy when it came to meeting new people and discussing personal beliefs. It was not until the end of my senior year that acknowledged how liberal my hometown was. As I settled into Tallahassee, I immeditately felt the change in the atmosphere. Being in a predominately white institute definitely opened my eyes on how my ethnicity¬†is a huge part of me. While the southern hospitality beats the manners in South Florida by a milestone, I have yet to accustom myself to the conservatism I face everyday. This is not to bash on Florida State or anything, I just have to express my concerns towards the attitudes and beliefs that come with the change of demographics of what I’m used to.

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